Tuesday, August 26, 2008


If all goes well I plan to bring a new element to my blog by highlighting some of my current craft projects. And by all goes well I mean if I can actually finish a couple over the long weekend.

Tonight I did a little shopping and picked up all the supplies I need to finish all those partially crafted crafts. Although this weekend will also be devoted to seeing a movie, soccer game, and our one year anniversary I hope to be in full craft swing by 9am Thursday morning.

I’ve been motivated to do this for two reasons. One, to get rid of all these projects and materials cluttering up our house and two, my Mom called me last Thursday informing me that she had entered a craft fair on Sunday. She also mentioned we’d be going back at the end of September so I figure I better have something to contribute.

I do have one picture of my Mom's very first craft show!

Our table with all my Mom’s creations.
Birdhouses, painted glasses, her award winning photography, and my favorite the pumpkins. If only I would have inherited even the smallest amount of her artistic ability.

I did end up bringing a couple things to contribute but I really hope to provide more next month. I’m getting into the re-crafting movement; its where you make something from another material.

For example here are a couple projects I hope to work on this weekend.

Wallets from cereal boxes
Pinecone Bird feeders
Rag rugs

Now you guys know where to send all your unwanted shirts/towels, cereal boxes, magazines and crayons. Right to my front door. :)


Meg said...

I can't believe I won.

Thank you so much an email is on its way