Saturday, September 27, 2008

Free History trip

Today was free admission to any Smithsonian museum. I've wanted to visit the Detroit Historical Museum for quite some time so Matt and I used this as our chance. We woke up semi early and made the drive to Detroit in order to visit some history. I have a human resources background but I specialized in Labor Relations so any type of union related history gains my interest. Sadly the museum located in one of the most exciting cities for labor history wasn't as in depth as I had hoped. They did have a revolving exhibit entitled Hero or Villain? which was pretty interesting. I won't bore you with labor history like I do Matt, but lets just say the real story of Henry Ford is much different than the one displayed in most museum exhibits.

Anyway, while we were there enjoying our free admission we decided to walk across the road and visit the Detroit Institute of Arts as well. We had already made the drive there and it was only $8 to get in so we went for it. I know its hard to believe but if you notice this painting is of an assembly line in an early manufacturing plant. Who would have guessed I would pick something like that to display? The mural is from a revolving exhibit in the middle of the museum. The exhibit contains a few small pieces of the mural but it has a big presence.

All in all we had a great day for much cheaper than we would have been able to do it without our free day pass.

::Trip Cost::
Parking: $4
History Admission: $0
Patch (for Matt): $2.50
Smooshed Penny: $ .51
Admission to Art: $16
Pin (for Me): $ 5.50

Total: $28.51

Not bad for a day worth of site seeing and checking two things off our to see list.

What did you do with your free passes today?