Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hobby supplies on a budget

WadesWe all have at least one hobby or collection but how we finance these extra activities depends on the person, budget and the activity.

These Wades are the newest additions to my collection. I always enjoyed playing with my Great Grandmothers Wade collection and started collecting Wades a few years ago myself. You can get these adorable figurines in boxes of Rose Red Tea. Sadly I don’t drink enough tea to make any kind of contribution to my collection and they can get pretty costly when purchased at antique stores or estate sales. Something I really can’t afford to do anymore if I plan to retire in five years.

I was lucky enough to be talking to a friend about what exactly my Wades were when she mentioned she drank that tea and just threw the figurines away. My amazing friend then offered to mail them to me when she had a small stash saved up. Now every few months I receive a highly anticipated envelope full of Wades. That little letter from New Jersey is always sure to make my week.

Now I do understand not everyone collects Wades or is lucky enough to have a tea junkie friend who mails them out, but if you have a collection or hobby that requires a certain item take the time to ask around and see if you can get it for free before spending money.

Often times you can find exactly what you need from a friend, co-worker, or your church. Just the other day I had an employee bring me in a bag of pine cones for a project I had been talking to him about earlier. I didn’t ask for the cones but he decided to feed my new upcycling obsession mission by bringing them in for me rather than mowing them over. You can also visit and find others in your city willing to swap items for the best price of all…FREE. I’ve received mason jars and fabric from site members and have in return given away exercise equipment and a television to others.

Remember someone else’s trash might just be your treasure


Yvonne said...

Want some more Wades? I have about 5 here in PA, I'd be willing to send to you. Although they are all ready out of the plasitic if that's ok. You can email me at Dharma2233 at aol dot com. thanks!

Cheryl said...

This post brought back a great memory. My grandfather used to buy the Wade Mother Goose figurines for me at the flea market many many years ago. I had to memorize and recite the nursery rhyme that matched the figurine before I could take it home with me.

Meg said...

Its amazing how many people have connections to Wades but no one every really knows what they are unless researched.

So glad someone else has memories of these amazing little figurines.