Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holographic Dollhouse

Holographic Dollhouse by Charlotte Lawrence is an interesting book full of mystery and magick. This book, however, is not my typical style for reading material. It would obviously be a better read for those interested in and with a small amount of knowledge about magick. It’s a tale of friends on a quest to find a missing father, solve the mystery of a family dollhouse and a bunch of other stuff I really couldn't follow. The book is a little slow to start and didn’t pick up until at least half way through. I probably wouldn’t have finished it but my book OCD doesn’t allow me to stop reading once I’m within chapter II. (This rule does excluded Black Beauty – the only book I’ve never finished).

There is also apparently another book in this series, but I don’t plan to read it. I’ll be ok not knowing the rest of the story.

As for my rating system: You can find this book listed on