Saturday, September 27, 2008

There’s No Free Lunch or Money

While organizing my bookmarks tonight (I have a tendency to bookmark every craft) I found an old article from one of my favorite blogs, Freakonomics. The article, posted back in July (its been a while since I did link housekeeping) is titled “There’s No Free Lunch or Money” and as you can assume chronicles how you can’t get anything for free. The author, S. Dubner discusses how pedestrians didn’t stop to take $5 from a man offering free money because they figured there was a catch somewhere. Dubner contends that there is a price for anything, your time.

I have to whole heartedly disagree with Dubner. I’ve gotten many things for free in the last few months, my biggest being an $80 pair of Adidas shoes and my favorite a full roll of toilet paper. Yes, obtaining these items may have taken a little bit of my time but they’re well worth it.

And its not just free items, I’ve also gotten free lunches. Well dinners really. Matt and I eat at Applebee’s for free, paid for by Speedway points (for gas we’d buy anyway). Tomorrow we’re visiting a museum for the 50 seconds it took to print the free pass. Well worth my time.

Now I will admit so far I haven’t received any free money, but you can guarantee if someone wanted to hand me five bucks, I’d take it. Even if it meant I had to give a few moments of my time to gain it.