Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vacation Savings

As posted earlier Matt and I went on vacation in August to North Carolina. This trip consisted of an eleven hour car ride (each way). While we couldn’t do much on the price of gas we did find other ways to save money. One of those ways was packing snacks and water for the drive. During the whole eleven hours we stopped one time for food at a Burger King where we only spent $4.99 on both of us. (A fast food feat for our household).
The rest of the trip we snacked on our Pringles, crackers, and water. These also come in handy at nigh rather than running for a snack.

In the future I may even take it a step further and pack sandwiches and larger snacking material. Because of my work schedule we were very rushed before this trip. I have no idea how much if any money we saved by doing this but it made me feel like we were so and that’s enough for me.

Has anyone out there done something similar and saved? I'd love to hear about what you do.