Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Big Craft Fail

I loved doing the chunky crayons so much (I still don’t have a name for them) I wanted to see what we could make out of molds. I tried candy molds and ice-cube trays both to get different shapes.

These crayons are cute, they are but this will be the end of this craft. It took me forever to melt the crayons in a tub and then a huge mess to try and pour the liquid wax in the molds since I couldn’t directly put them in the oven like I can with the muffin trays. The chunky crayons aren’t messy to make at all but these molds will have me cleaning a messy kitchen for a month. We ruined 2 potholders, a cookie sheet, spoon, and dish - to make less than 20 crayons.

I also had to go out and buy new crayons for this project since I couldn’t mix broken colors together like I could with the chunky crayons. As you can see 2 molds into the project we gave up and I turned the left over crayons into Chunky Crayons.

I've seen some of these crayons for sale on Etsy using what looks to be the exact same mold, but I have no idea how they did it without creating a huge disaster.

As crafts go this one is an epic fail.


Rachael Rabbit said...

Not an epic fail at all! But perhaps quite a lot of sacrifice for some cute little crayons ;-)