Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Find

On most blogs out there Friday is known as freebie Friday, the time during the week when bloggers highlight the best free finds of the week. I tried to keep up with this trend, I really did, but there are so many great blogs out there listing their freebie finds I didn’t want to rehash the same material since they’re already doing it so well. To see a list of great freebies stop by Freebies4Mom, Mommies with Cents and MomAdvice.

I want to do something different and start using my Fridays to highlight a great post, craft, or money saving tip I’ve found on the web during the course of the week. I have so many great things bookmarked, my list is filling up. I figure it will be kind of like Momsadvice’s notebook entries but I won’t ever be able to list as many as she does considering she has a great list every week.

Today I would like to highlight a blog I found this week Joys of Home. It’s full of decorating ideas and cheap projects all supplied from thrift and dollar stores. Joys at home is the next Martha I swear. I spent two hours looking through all her archives so don’t click on the link unless you have an afternoon free. And keep checking back I plan to steal borrow some of her amazing decorating ideas in the near future.