Sunday, October 5, 2008

Expired Coupon Reminder

Just a reminder its that time again.

Time to clean out the expired coupons from our books and send them off to military families who can use them for up to six months after they expire.

This month I'm sending mine to:

Family Services Program
Unit 5134, Box 80
APO AP 96368-5134
Osan, Korea

Remember it cost the same amount to mail a letter to a military base that it does in the US. We normally end up spending 80 cents to a dollar, but its a heavy envelope.

And make sure to claim $0 when you fill out your customs declaration as coupons aren't worth anything until used.

You can check out my original post HERE for more directions.

Where are you sending your expired coupons this month?


Anonymous said...

how do ppl in korea use the coupons? as a lot of items sold here are not sold there!