Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big savings by turning off the lap top

Matt and I have started saving money by simply turning off my laptop during the day when I’m not home. The idea is a simple one but until I read I didn’t even think about the fact it was on all day or how much it was costing us.

I used smallnotebook’s calculations to figure out our usage and cost.

Laptop uses 1.9 amps
1.9 x 120 = 228
/1000 = .228
x 1 = .228
x .08 = .02 an hour

It only cost 48 cents a day to run my laptop which doesn’t seem like a huge amount, but just by turning it off when I’m at work it will save us 38 cents a day, for a total savings of $138.70 a year! And all I have to do is turn off an appliance when not in use.

Total Energy Savings by making small changes: $246.34 a year
Clothesline: $107.64
Laptop: $138.70

What would your savings be?


Rachel said...

I'm so glad you calculated that for yourself! It's awesome that you're going to be saving money that way.