Saturday, October 25, 2008

More good shopping

With the little free time I did have this week I was able to score a few good deals. There was the 58% savings at Kroger and the following...

Target - Barbie Rebate
I stopped by Target (even though I said I wouldn't shop there again) because I wanted to finish out the Barbie deal and be done with it. Check my post HERE to see comparable prices on the select merchandise that's available for the $50 mir.

I bought the last Barbie item I needed at Target. In total Barbie merchandise I spent $101.89 (plus tax) and will receive the $50 gift card saving 49%. I ended up with 2 Diamond Dolls, one Glitter flying horse, and the My house play set. Which means I am also now done Christmas shopping for my little sister and Niece!

Target Clearance
While at Target I also found some great clearance items.

Sorry the picture is blurry, but as you can see I purchased two lunch Tupperware containers. I've been looking all over for these but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. I picked these up for $2.08 a piece. The large yellow containers were 2 for $3.48, I plan to put my salads and such in them for the upcoming Christmas gatherings. I saved 30% and am so happy I finally found the lunch containers.

Free Target reusable bag
And lastly while at Target I received 5 plastic Target bags (for FREE :). I plan to use these to send away for the FREE reusable Bag I suppose I'll keep the dog - he is pretty cute.

Meijer Freebies
I also stopped at Meijer to buy the cheap sugar (more frosting) and picked up 6 more FREE Jell-o packets and 3 more Taco Bell Salsas.

I'm also making a quick trip to CVS today. I missed out on the free Sun/Mon deals because we were still working on the bathroom but I think I'll be able to come home with a good trip anyway.