Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been Tagged!

I’ve been tagged!

When I received my first tag from My Precious Pennies I was seriously giddy. Its so exciting to know people actually read this thing and maybe kind of like it.

Sadly though I don’t have anything awesome to share like My Precious Pennies (I am not a figure skater or coordinated in any fashion) so you’ll have to live with these seven little facts about me.

* I am currently growing out my hair so that I can donate it. Hopefully it reaches ten inches by Christmas or else I might go crazy and start pulling it out (Its way too long for my normal liking).

* People often ask if the blog name jirafaestrella has any meaning or if I just picked random letters. Jirafaestrella makes more sense if spelled Jirafa Estrella which translates to giraffe and star (respectively) in Spanish. My two favorite things… the profile picture makes more sense now huh?

* I have extreme arachnophobia. As in I see a spider five feet away and I start to hyperventilate. I also know the exact incident that created this fear, and no it wasn’t the movie.

* Surprisingly even with my hatred of spiders, I love other creepy crawly things like snakes, mice/rats, and even lizards. We used to have an albino gecko and I would love to own a snake, but they are difficult to take care of, Matt says no.

* I can’t count on one hand how many times I changed my major in college, maybe not even two hands. I started out in Psychology and finished with a Human Resource Degree. In a way they’re very similar; as in I listen to people complain all day. :)

* I sometimes worry my mailman secretly hates me because I get so many free samples and magazine subscriptions.

* And number 7 – I am now on Twitter! You can find me under id: OnOurWay
I’m still working on getting a profile up.

I have issues I know… and now for those I’m passing this tag on to

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A little bit of everything for your blogging pleasure.


My Precious Pennies said...

Oh, you're not weird. I'm starting to think if my mailman is holding my mail because stuff is starting to come SO slowly to my house. Newbie mail deliverers actually knock on my door and ASK me if "these people" live here b/c there's so many different addressees (My Precious Pennies, seesawstar, my married name, my maiden name, my freebie requesting mis-spelled name...). They must get so confused. Poor guys.

Joy said...

Thanks for thinking about me!!!
Are you really sure that you want to know seven interesting things about me?!? I'm not sure I can even think about two interesting things. ;~)