Sunday, July 5, 2009


Search & Win

If you haven’t seen it all over the web by now then you need to know that Swagbucks is now offering a paypal payout option. Just when you thought the program couldn’t get any better it does.

I almost exclusively turn my Swagbucks into Amazon gift cards but this new paypal option has my attention. You can change in 80 Swagbucks for $5 in paypal cash which can then be used for anything. Pay a bill, buy something nice, heck transfer the money to your savings account and draw some interest on it. If you didn’t have a reason to sign up for Swagbucks before you definitely have one now.

PLUS to make it even better if you sign up as a new member now and use the registration code CASHISKING you’ll receive an extra 5 Swagbucks just to start. But hurry the code expires on July 6th at 12pm PST. If you sign up HERE you’ll also be helping me with a referral.

Seriously, I can’t stress it enough, give the program a chance if you like free money you won’t be disappointed.