Sunday, July 12, 2009

The X and Y of Buy - Book Review

You’ve got to get out and read The X and Y of Buy written by Elizabeth Pace. This book textbook is written unlike any other. In fact if I would have had more books like this in college I may have opened them.

The X and Y of Buy is billed as a way to “sell more and market better by knowing how the sexes shop” and it delivers.

Pace has a great writing style, there were many times while reading that I actually laughed out loud. The X and Y of buy is jammed packed with facts and pertinent stories.

I honestly enjoyed reading this book and learned so much, it’s written with a corporate sales person in mind but the techniques can be used in so many ways. I’m already thinking of ways to use the ideas with people at work and am highly contemplating giving the book to my Realtor. I can see it boosting sales in any field or in my case if you’re not in it for the sales, the ability to connect with those you work with on a new level.