Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Reads 7/24/09

Another addition on how to get free books - Stop by Random house and their read it forward promotion to receive one of three free books for the month of July.

Lower your expectations increase your happiness at Get Rich Slowly
I love this article and agree with pretty much everything JD says - I am much happier now that I realized I don't need that fancy car or huge house

New home loan application rules from Wise bread
New rules pertaining to home loans will become effective July 30th make sure you know what they are

Can you over save for retirement? Trent at the Simple dollar says "yes" - read his post to find out why

Should you refinance your student loans? from Redeeming Riches
This is a question Matt and I have been pondering for some time - hopefully we'll have a decision once all our loans come due in November

Looking to make a new car purchase? Find out about the Cash for Clunker program at Frugally Green

Learn how to make Glow in the dark slime at the Idea Room

You'll take a new look at your current life after reading What do you wish you did ten years ago ten years from now from one of my favorite bloggers Retirement: A full time job

Learn how to make soap crayons from Scribbit

Check out this Jacket made from Capri Sun pouches from Sue

Ask yourself Would you accept $200,000 if you didn't know where it came from? - maybe not after reading this post from wise bread.