Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lets take a virtual shopping trip...

So I think I’m ready to make a semi announcement hopefully without jinxing anything…. drum roll…. Matt and I will “hopefully” be moving in the month of August! More to come on this new development in a future post – once papers are officially signed. Until then I wanted to take you on a virtual shopping trip.

The main problem with moving into this new house is our furniture situation. Matt and I have such an odd assortment of furniture, most of our stuff is all hand me downs or was purchased on the cheap right after college, making it either old or low quality. We really need some new things, so with a possible move in the horizon I've been spending a lot of time looking at furniture online. I really want to get quality pieces that will last for years and years this time around. I recently learned about Bedroomfurniture.com and Simplydesk.com while on my quest for great furniture and we'll be touring their sites for this fantasy shopping trip.

The CSN branch of stores started in 2002 and is now a top 3 online retailer for home and office goods and was also recently named on the Hot 100 list of online retailers for 2009. So you know they are a safe and reputable company to do business with.

Now let me take you on a virtual shopping trip to outfit a new place with all my favorite items if I could purchase anything available.

For the Office
Every house can use a desk and I love this piece from the Simplydesks.com site

The two drawer writing desk would be great behind a sofa or other space and I love the dark wood color although it also comes in a white variety as well.
And best yet it's a total steal at $199.99 + FREE shipping

For the Bedroom

We need a lot of bedroom furniture since we're still using the first bed we ever purchased back in 2002 and an $8 night stand from Wal-mart. Yes, it's really that bad.

Our new space has low ceilings so I'm not sure how big of a bed/head board we can get but I love this queen size platform bed with TWO storage drawers. Our new place will also be a little smaller so we really have to maximize space which these drawers would help with. We could fit all our extra linens in there.
Price: $214.99 and FREE shipping!!

Ok so apparently I have a thing for dark wood lately but I also love this headboard. Again I'm not sure how much clearance we'll have but if we could fit it this is the headboard I would pick without hesitation. It's a bookcase, would you expect anything else from me, of course not.

It's another steal at $112.50 + FREE shipping!

And lastly for the bedroom two night stands in espresso. List price for one $64.99 plus of course free shipping.

Price for 2: $129.98

Odds and Ends

What would my house be like if it wasn't filled with bookcases? Not my house more than likely, so of course I would HAVE to have this Bookcase with glass doors. I even love the white color although all my other pieces have been darker. At $179 you could get two, one for books and the other for china. I'm sending Matt the link hopefully he'll remember it come Christmas.
Price: $179 + Free shipping ($358 for 2)

Ok so this next piece is a little "early" but I love this dresser/changing table. I think it would be a great changing table with its flat top and the dark wood would look nicely in any decor... ok at least any decor we would have. It's one of the pricier items I picked out coming in at $310 and you guessed it FREE shipping. Are you noticing the theme with shipping?

I also love this Dollhouse bookcase for $165, it would be perfect for the young reader in your life and this $89.99 heirloom stand up mirror made honorable mention, again I'm just not sure how much clearance we'll have in this new house. And lastly this funky stand alone bookshelf for $119 just because I love it. Ok that's it, no more future, I promise.

Total for my entire fantasy shopping trip: $1325.46
Who could believe a house full of furniture for less than fifteen hundred dollars and FREE shipping.

And thanks to Bedroomfurniture.com I was able to pick out one item to conduct a product review on. I ended up selecting the hanging corner shelf because it's a very unique and different piece that I can’t wait to get some books on, plus I'm hoping it will be a great conversation starter. Keep checking back for a full review in the future.

So what do you think about my fantasy home furnishings? Did you find a favorite piece on their site, I'd love to hear about it.

You can also check out all the CSN online stores at the following links...