Sunday, July 26, 2009

More yard sales

Matt and I hit up a few yard sales on Friday and I purchased some great finds.
I spent $3.75 and picked up three items I’ve been looking for.

Green Pyrex bowl $2.50
I love the old Pyrex and have had my eye out for pieces for months now. I actually found three matching bowls at a flea market a few months ago but passed them up. I’ve regretted it every since but finding this little bowl has restored my resolve to finding more

Corbel $1
I can’t wait to paint this a nice shade of black. The original owner paid over $10 for it, but I picked it up for a buck. I love how Joys of Home used her corbels and hope I can do her proud in how I decide to use this one.

Glass dish $.25
I’ve become a little obsessed with terrariums lately and hope to turn this little dish into one very soon…I just need to get my hands on some moss

So there are my great weekend deals. Did you pick up anything this weekend, I’d love to hear/see what you were able to find.
The flea market season is almost over only a few more weeks of great sales… I’ve got to get out there more.

And remember to stop by the new Southern Hospitality blog to share your weekend finds.


Joy said...

LOL! I like to surf the other blogs and landed on yours. What's funny is that I have the same Pyrex bowl you just bought. You will get a LOT of use out of it - trust me, I know because I got it for my wedding 32 years ago and I use it all the time. Good luck with your financial plans, they seem quite timely. :-)

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Love the corbel and love love love the green pyrex!!! Also love that jar!! Awesome finds!

Sue said...

I need to find more of the green pyrex ware. It was a wedding gift to us in 1973 and was all the rage as a pattern! tee hee

Carmen said...

I have been collecting apothecary jars but have not found a sweet deal like you a quarter!! Great find!

Marie said...

Hello Meg - nice to meet ya! Love that corbel. Fabulous deal for only $1! Thank you for sharing.


~~Carol~~ said...

Love all three of your finds, but especially the apothecary jar! I collect them, and it's so fun putting different things in there, and changing them out for the holidays!