Friday, July 10, 2009

Book Sale Manager - Site Review

As anyone who has read this blog for more than a few weeks knows Matt and I LOVE books and book sales. We are total book geeks – in fact books are one of the reasons I didn’t post on the Fourth of July – we were at our annual Bargain Books sale. I forgot to take a picture of our purchases but trust me there are some great reads.

And since I’ll take any opportunity to talk books I wanted to let you know about a great resource for how you can find out where local book sales are taking place. When we first started shopping at book sales we never knew when they were happening and missed out on some great opportunities. I have our three favorite sales memorized but we still missed one in April – it was horrifying.

That’s where the new site steps in – by using their site you’ll never miss a sale again. There are a few sites out there that list book sales but they often don’t have a search feature so you’re left scrolling pages of sales trying to find the right one. It can be very frustrating trust me. is an easy to use search function with a clean page design so you only get the information you’re asking for. allows you to search for sales within a few miles of your zip code. You can also search sales by their size and varying time frames. Once you find a sale or sales you want to attend you can add them to your calendar and receive email notifications reminding you. See I told you you’d never miss a sale again.

Right now the site is still growing and will be adding sales significantly in the future so if your search didn’t find anything too close today keep checking back. They provide all these services for free, to the buyers and sale organizers which I find amazing.

Book sales are a great way to find reading material at a severely discounted price, I highly recommend you give one a shot. Take a few minutes right now and search the site to find a sale nearby.