Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Reads - 7/17/09

Some good reading around the internet this week.... has the link where you can download a free Starling Handbag pattern from Alice at Futuregirl.

I'm a money magnet has a great recipe for strawberry cake balls. I think these would be a great way to make cake for the next office event or school birthday party.

Wise Bread has 15 low cost ways to beat the stress

Frugal in Virginia has the details on how you can get over 2,000 free book downloads in honor of the world ebook fair.

Cold play is offering a free download of their new album. Check out Coupon Cravings for more information.

Northern Cheapskate has a great article on 5 things to buy used and 7 painless and frugal ways to go green

Frugal Dad will let you know how you can become a debt killing machine in five easy steps

Found a great article from the list, make sure to tell the author where you found the link and what you think of their blog.