Sunday, July 26, 2009

CVS 7/26/09

I went to visit my Mom and was able to make a quick stop at her CVS; sadly, so had apparently half her town since they were out of almost everything. I didn’t want to deal with rain checks so I just picked up what I could.

I was able to get

2 easy touch pens (.99) $1.98
1 CVS tampons $1.89

I had $5 in ecb’s to use to I grabbed a few fillers
1 M&M package $.67
1 Caramel $.33

Total (no coupons used): $4.87
ECB Used: $5 (marked down to $4.87)
ECB’s Earned: $3.87

I was a little upset with this CVS as they had lots of things priced but not a single sign listed the return ecb’s although they were printing at the registers.