Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yoplait Thick and Creamy giveaway!

Thanks to myblogspark.com I was able to try out one of the Yoplait Thick and Creamy Yogurts. I’ll be honest, I’m not always a huge yogurt fan, I think it’s a texture issue, but I do love taking one of the Yoplait Thick and Creamy options, sticking them in the freezer and eating it very cold.

On my way home from work after a night shift I’ll call Matt and have him throw one in the freezer for me. That way when I get home I have a healthy snack available. Have you ever tried them semi-frozen? I highly recommend it.

The Yoplait thick and creamy is so thick it’s said you can write in it with a toothpick and it will keep the design. I unfortunately didn’t try this because I ended up eating it too fast, but I’d love to see someone else give it a shot.

And just to show Yoplait means business about their great product they are allowing me the opportunity to give TWO of my readers their very own Yoplait gift basket.

Each basket includes
A coupon for free Yoplait yogurt
A stationary packet
Sticker collection (post its and other office supplies)
A box of adorable note cards and envelopes
A pen to finish off the package

The giveaway will run until Sunday, July 26th at midnight and there are lots of ways to enter. Just make sure to leave a new comment with your contact information for each entry.

1. Leave a comment stating which Yoplait yogurt flavor is your favorite

2. Follow Onourway on Twitter and tweet the following message (or something similar)
Just entered a great giveaway for #Yoplait products from @Onourway visit: http://blog.onourwayonline.com/

3. Follow my RSS or email feeds.

4. Blog about this giveaway on your blog or other social outlet. Make sure to include a link back to Onourwayonline.com and leave me your perma link in the comment form.

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Emily E. said...

I really like the key lime pie flavor and the raspberry cheesecake. mmmm I need to try the freezer thing- that would be yummy!

Jennifer said...

I love French Vanilla and strawberry cheesecake Yoplait!

jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

Thao said...

I love the light Cherry. I could eat that all day.


Thao said...



Anonymous said...

I like banana creme. Thanks for the chance.


Pat said...

My favorite flavor is strawberry.
pkildow at gmail dot com

Cat said...

1.Dying for the Peaches & Cream or the Royal Raspberry!!!
2. Done http://twitter.com/catmanphoto
3. Have been for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I love the cherry cobbler Yoplait light and my kids love the chocolate whipped.

Ellen C. said...

My favorite flavor is vanilla. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I like Peach!


Thanks! Jamie S.

Anonymous said...

Strawberry is my favorite! Need to try it in the freezer- great idea. Thanks for the chance.


Emily said...

Depends on my mood, as to whether I want it to be like a dessert or have it with cereal or something. Love the pie flavors, but also good old strawberry and blueberry.


Anonymous said...

Strawberry Banana!

Jay said...

My fave is vanilla. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Orange cream is my favorite! Key lime pie runs a close second...

Stephanie said...

Following on twitter as stlyhu and tweeted here: http://twitter.com/stlyhu/status/2799164550

TXsunlover said...

Key Lime Pie is my favorite.
Thanks for the chance to win!
proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

Anonymous said...

I like rasberry. I should try putting it is the freezer. Think of all of the calorie I could save replacing ice cream!!


Jason, Alicia, and Addie said...

Raspberry cheesecake would definitely have to be my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I like the orange cicle taste like a 50bar. Yummy. thanks for the chance

katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

Lori said...

Raspberry has always been my favorite but the strawberry whips are pretty good too.

Stephanie said...

The flavor I enjoy the most is the key lime pie. Tastes better than what most restaurants consider to be "key lime pie".

Brenda S. said...

I love French Vanilla and strawberry cheesecake Yoplait!
I need to try the freezer thing- that would be yummy!

Susan said...

I love orange cream flavor. Yumm!!!! Thank you for a fun giveaway.

dor said...

I love so many...but let me say peach.....um strawberry cheesecake...wait...see what I mean.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Nancy said...

Strawberry is a favorite!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Nancy said...

I am an e-mail subscriber - thanks!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Elsie said...

Orange' you glad you asked..

Orange cream is a treat,
Makes me smile when I eat,
I think of a jewel,
yoplait is way-cool!


Anonymous said...

Strawberry is my favorite flavor.
What a great giveaway!

Nancy said...

I follow you on twitter and I tweeted.
ncschools at yahoo dot com