Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frugal Decorating at its best...

So these projects are all over the internet but I decided I had to give dollar store decorating a shot. I purchased this little birdie at the Dollar Tree. Here is a semi pre-picture, before he was fully painted (I always forget to take before pictures – I’m just so excited to get started).

This weekend I spray painted our living room registers and just used the left over spray paint to finish off the little bird. I think he looks great on our buffet sitting with the vintage books I picked up at our last book sale. I’m so happy with him I’m now on the look out for even more things to spray paint. I might even try painting one black or another color in the future.

This whole project cost me $1.06 which was for the bird since I used the left over spray paint and the books were just bag filler but probably came out to less than $.10 a piece. What else can provide so much bang for less than $2 and 20 minutes of your day? You can't beat that for frugal decorating.

Have you done any spray paint decorating or blogged about it? I’d love to see the results. This project turned out so well expect to see more spray painted creations from me in the future especially after this Dollar Tree trip.