Friday, April 3, 2009

My Craft Thingies

Today’s Friday Find comes from SiSi at My Craft Thingies, a site where she shares her amazing ribbon crafts and other paper folding tutorials.

SiSi learned the basics of ribbon folding when she was young and has been perfecting her craft ever since. The blog, My Craft Thingies, is her way of sharing her ideas with the world.

These colorful Origami Cherry Blossoms are what first caught my eye and made me take a second look around her blog. They look so easy to make, I already have Matt scouring the back yard for some good sticks. I was thinking I might spray paint my sticks blank or even white for a dramatic effect but I’m not sure how the finished product would turn out. What do you guys think? I even have a similar vase that I was considering donating because I didn’t have a use for it… looks like I do now.

SiSi doesn’t just make cherry blossoms for me to stare at she has quite a few great tutorials listed on the left hand side of My Craft Thingies

Here are a few of my favorites (on top of the Cherry blossoms)

Origami Stars - One of my favorites

Kusudama Flower ball - I so have to make one of these and find a place to hang it somewhere in my home.

3-D Origami Hearts

Ribbon Stars

I also can’t forget to tell you about SiSi Finds another site where SiSi shares all her free and otherwise great finds on the internet. She has a ton of free sample finds up right now. A girl close to my heart – crafty and frugal.