Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Double your Bucks: Thursday

Search & Win

Have you signed up for swag bucks yet? If not read about why you should HERE and see the free waffle maker I swagged by using their site HERE.

If you’re already a member and have an old cell phone laying around you can earn bucks when you recycle it with To sweeten the deal you earn double the bucks when you do it on Thursday.

I traded mine in a few weeks ago for double the money and used it to swag that waffle maker. Swagbucks even paid for the shipping. I printed the postage right from my computer and dropped it in my mailbox. The extra bucks were posted to my account about two weeks later. Couldn't be any simpler and I love knowing my phone is getting more use rather than sitting in the closet.

Tomorrow is Thursday - Double bucks day so find those old phones you have laying around and tomorrow morning put them to good use while earning a little something for yourself.