Monday, April 20, 2009

Thrifty Finds

So to the dismay of at least two of my readers (who I’ll leave nameless) I went shopping this weekend, and yes bought more stuff. I have to decorate this house sooner or later, we’ve lived her four year, I figure it’s time to start unpacking. Plus who doesn’t enjoy walking through a rummage/thrift sale and finding the exact item you’ve been thinking about buying for pennies on the dollar?

Just ask The Thrift Shop Romantic she knows the joys of finding a good deal.

So anyway back to my good finds.

First Stop: Wal-Mart to use up some coupons and pick up some other essentials.
2 - Bags of Iams Healthy naturals dog food (5) $10
~ (2) $5 off Iams Healthy Naturals (FREE)
1 - 9 Lives Cat food
~ FREE bag of 9 Lives cat food $3.58
1 - Dr. Pepper 2 Liter (not pictured) $1.00
~ FREE 2 liter of Dr.Pepper
1 Dove Trial Size Deodorant $.97
~ $1 off any size Dove (.03 profit)
1 - Kotex $1
~ $1 off any Kotex
1 - Wrigley Gum (not pictured) $.96
~ FREE Wrigley gum slim pack

$17.51 in merchandise for a profit of $.03

Next stop: The Flea Market.
Our huge antique mall is hosting a flea market once a month during the summer. My Mom and I decided to check it out during their first weekend and found lots of goodies.
This chair was marked for $10 but the seller offered it for $3. I couldn't pass it up at that price. The chair needs some work but my mom has offered to refinish it for us, I love that the seat is all needle point. It's a perfect find because it will fit right in the corner of our living room that has set empty for four years. It's a weird space.
Next we found a few glass electrical insulators. I plan to use one as a door stop for our office and another will sit in my glass window (pictures to come one day).
And lastly I found a few items for the kitchen. From left to right a syrup bottle, juice container, and juicer. Matt and I had just been looking at possibly purchasing a juicer so this was a great find. In total everything cost be about $10 much cheaper than I could buy them new in the store. Plus I love they are all matching and made from thick glass, non of the plastic stuff stores sell now. They'll look great in our new kitchen one day.

I'm so excited that summer is on it's way - they'll be many more finds to come.