Monday, April 27, 2009

Using Cloth Napkins

The other day I made a comment about the fact we don’t use paper towels in our home. Apparently this shocked people and I received a few question of how we did it and if I was ok without them.

I assure you I’m still quite alive without paper towels and I can honestly say I don’t miss them at all – in fact I don’t even notice we don’t use them. I had forgotten all about paper towels until someone asked me how we do without them.

Sadly, I don’t have any advice on how we did it. We just stopped buying them. We didn’t wean ourselves from them or anything; we just didn’t have them in the house anymore – simple as that.

So the only advice I can offer if you’re looking to make the switch is just do it, buy a few reusable napkins and when you’ve used all the paper up don’t buy any more. I bet before long no one will notice they aren’t around anymore.

I think our cloth napkins are nice - they kind of give each dinner a little touch of class. I purchased a few off the clearance rack at Wal-mart for $1/4 and am continuously keeping my eye out. Normally I shop for napkins in the clearance holiday section (where I found the solid green ones). Many times the holiday section has solid colored napkins marked way down. We also use our napkins to clean up kitchen spills, dry dishes, and general hand washing. After we use a napkin I just throw them in any load of laundry as filler.

Have you or are you planning to give up paper napkins? I’d love to hear your story and inspiration.


Emily E. said...

I didn't know people still really used paper napkins regularly. We've been using cloth napkins for as long as I can remember! I still use paper napkins at my office, since I obviously don't have laundry washing facilities there. ;) At any rate, cloth napkins work much nicer than paper napkins and do look much better.

Trish said...

I haven't given up my papertowels, but I did give up paper plates a while back. I had the same experience. I barely even noticed.

The other day my dad was over and started grousing that I needed to "buy some more paper plates." I had to actually stop and think about what he was talking about. I had already set a real plate out for him and told him to use it.

he seemed so surprised. Honestly, washing a plate takes no time at all. And we have a dishwasher on top of it.. It doesn't take me any longer to put a plate in the dishwasher than it does to throw a paper plate in the trash.