Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The makings of a cheap collection...

I would have a blog post today I really would; but when I sat down to write this post I answered an email, twittered for a minute and then did some research on that great green serving tray I picked up at the estate sale last Friday. I'm slightly obsessed with buying glass (especially green colored glass) but I've never really cared much about it before, I just bought it because I think it's pretty. For some reason I was really interested in the green dish and decided I needed to investigate it more. Before long one site lead to another and another and another the next thing I knew most the night had been spent reading up on Indiana Glass, Fenton glass, Depression glass, and carnival glass (see I've already learned so much).

Through my extensive research I've found I'm mainly attracted to Indiana glass which means it's not worth a lot, but much more than I've been paying for it. Rather than share a craft today I've decided to show off some of my colored glass. If you want to learn more about Carnival glass there is a great blog post about it at Thrift Shop Romantic - she too loves these glass creations and has a great collection.

I have no idea what this one is although I swear I saw a similar picture early in my research. I wasted researched for another ten minutes looking through pages and pages but couldn't find it again. It's probably an Indiana glass piece in a diamond point pattern, I paid less than $1 for it at the thrift store so I love it.

This one is a little easier to place, it's a green Indiana glass from the Harvest collection. The picture quality isn't great my apologies.

A crystal footed bowl with the same design pattern as the first white (milk) glass picture. A Christmas gift from my Mother a few years ago - which helped get the collection started.

A few more crystal pieces in my curio cabinet from my Mother.

And lastly this green bowl, I use it to store our extra ketchup packets. I have no idea what pattern it is, it almost looks like the tear drop pattern but has more detail. Either way I love it.

None of the above pieces cost me more than $3 (that's my limit) but they are great items found all around our home. It's amazing that after buying this glass at different times for random reasons they ended up being from the same maker. After doing all this research I've found so many other colors, types, and designs of glass I have to keep my eye out for. .

Do you have any depression or carnival glass on display in your home? I'd love to see pictures. And now that I know more about exactly what makes this glass special I'll keep a closer eye out for it while thrifting... I can always tell Matt I need to buy it because after all it's a collectors item :)