Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Secret - Book Review

I finished The Secret last week by Rhonda Byrne. I must say I am greatly disappointed. Once again I read a book everyone raves about only to have it bite me in the butt. Why do I never learn? Let me tell you the whole premise of the book. Think positive, vision your dreams, and good things will happen to you.

That’s right positive images will make fat fly off your body or money enter your savings account through spontaneous combustion. Of course if you’ve even taken a Psychology class you understand that yes being positive can help a situation but cannot create one out of dust. If I lay in bed all day eating McDonalds but thinking I’m 100 pounds I will gain weight. Of course if I can take those positive thoughts and change them to positive actions I stand a much better chance of losing weight. Once I envision myself at 100 pounds every day I may find myself making healthier eating choices and working hard at getting more exercises each day. Rhonda never makes this collation. She suggests you just think yourself thin and it will be yours. It isn’t that simple.

I guess it’s all really about what you put into it, as most things in life are. If you take Rhonda’s lessons, think positive and allow that to help make positive choices in your life you’ll probably experience positive things. I’m a total believer in thinking positive to be happy in life, but I don’t think you can think yourself thin or rich – at some point you have to get off your butt.

But to be fair there are quite a few people who say this booked changed their whole life and they’ve never been happier. And I think if this book gave them what they needed to make affirmative changes in their life for a great impact then more power to them. If it works stick with it.

Have you read The Secret? What did you think? I’m up for all sides of the discussion.