Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Textbook reduction

Remember our 30% stuff reduction goal? We made some great headway on this one last week when we passed on about 35 various text books from our college days. Some of these textbooks were in great shape, never opened in fact. I had all these wonderful intentions of keeping these books and later referencing them at work. I should have realized if I hadn’t taken the plastic wrap off and used them during college then the odds of me doing it years later were slim to none.

I had tried to sell the books back but they weren’t worth anything. I tried to donate them but couldn’t get them to the bookstore in time. I had no idea what to do with all of them I didn’t want to just throw them out but I also didn’t’ want them spending another four years at the bottom of Matt’s closet.

I figured it was a long shot but listed the whole lot on Freecycle. I thought if one person emails me I’ll be lucky. Ten emails later, the 4th person responded back and the books are now gone. I can’t believe so many people were interested in them and with a good use for them.

Thanks freecycle you saved more stuff from the trash. I love using Freecycle - anyone else have a Freecycle experience - good or bad?


Superjaxster said...

I have heard of freecycle, but never used it. You made me want to check it out again. We have the same textbook issue...I am a book hoarder! You never know when you might need to look something up. But thats kinda what the internet is for now, right?

Matt said...

You forgot to mention the fact the stack of books to up as much space in our house as a small child :)