Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More frugal craft decorating

Even though we’re trying to refrain from shopping there are times when I’m ok with bringing new things into the house. One of those is for organizing items and decorating purposes. We’ve almost finished our whole house remodel and I want to start decorating and getting rooms finalized which is why you’ve seen and will see many frugal decorating posts in the future.

I loved the little bird I spray painted so much I tried another one. Remember the duck from the dollar store? I bought a $1 can of black spray paint from Wal-Mart and gave him a good coat.

I think he turned out very regal and fits right in with some of my green glass. This cabinet is now finished. The cabinet has stood in our living room basically empty for two years but now it holds a prominent spot in our dinning room showcasing certain pieces. I love the fact I can actually see our house coming together. We have three rooms to carpet and the kitchen to finish and then our house will be DONE. Well except for all those little projects, but everyone has a few of those laying around right?